Left shrouded in silence after new Anonymus video

The most recent scandal has completely silenced the left wing in Hungary. None of the actors named by Anonymus wanted to respond to questions posed by the Mediaworks News Center.

POLITICS MARCH 19. 2022 11:50

Neither Budapest’s Left-led district municipalities, nor the key figures embroiled in the most recent scandal wished to respond regarding a new video published by Anonymus on Friday. Sending questions via email, Mediaworks News Center (MWH) contacted the municipalities of Budapest’s 3rd, 18th and 19th districts to find out what information they have about Gabor Patek, Laszlo Fischer and Robert Deak, the key players and their activities in connection with the unfolding scandal outlined by the masked figure. The questions were met with pure and utter silence.

MWH contacted Gabor Patek to ask whether he would acknowledge that it’s him featured in Friday’s new Anonymus video. However, the politician and businessman was unreachable until the publication of this article. MWH also sought to ask Timea Szabó, co-chair of the Parbeszed (Dialogue) party – who is running in the upcoming parliamentary elections as the 3rd district candidate – to find out what her view is on the case and if she knows Gabor Patek, but Ms Szabo also failed to respond, Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes. The video released by Anonymus shows a scene in a car where a person sitting in the driver’s seat hands over a paper envelope to a man sitting next to him while they make mention of various sums of money. Their conversation suggests that money, roughly three or four million Hungarian forints changed hands and that another six-million-forint deal was on its way. According to Anonymus, one of the men was Gabor Patek, who recently appeared in the circles of the leftist 3rd district mayor, and who previously served as a trusted right-hand man of the Socialists in a different district. V4NA also covered the scandal in detail.

Magyar Nemzet points out that the Hungarian Index.hu portal discovered another link between Gabor Patek and the 3rd district local municipality led by the Left. According to the story published by the portal, Mr Patek was tasked – after the 2019 municipal elections – with launching a leftist local paper in line with the expectations of the 3rd district’s new, Left-led local government. To this end, the contract with the company previously in charge of editing and publishing the local paper called Obuda Ujsag was terminated, and the municipality issued a call for public tenders. Key Price Kft. came out as the successful bidder, winning a job for a duration 5 full years and worth 356 million Hungarian forints. Index revealed that the photographer of the local Obuda Ujsag paper is one certain Andrea Patek, who is believed to be a relative of Gabor Patek.

After doing some research regarding Key Price Kft., MWH found additional connections between the key figures who have been named in the scandal so far. According to the central company register, the firm’s main profile is road freight transport and car trade. However, this is not the only oddity. The editorial office of the 3rd district’s local paper moved to another district, namely Kispest (the 19th district of Budapest) where Gabor Patek was earlier employed. The editorial office is headquartered in the 206Centre Office Building, the same premises where RF Production Hungary Kft. – the joint venture run by lawyer Laszlo Fischer and Robert Deak mentioned by Anonymus – has its registered office, Magyar Nemzet writes.



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