Most French are fed up with immigration

Seventy-two per cent of French people believe that the government is providing too much assistance to migrants, and the same proportion think that they are a security problem, according to a fresh survey.

WORLD SEPTEMBER 8. 2023 15:41

A fresh survey by Toluna, a French consumer protection and polling company suggests that 61% of French people believe that immigrants are a cultural threat and 56% believe that they also pose a threat to the fabric of society, writes REMIX News, citing the French Fdesouche news portal.

The survey also reveals that only 14% of the French support the unconditional admission of migrants, while 24% reject any form of admission.

However, the survey also shows that 72 per cent of French people believe that the government provides too much help to migrants, and the same number think that immigration causes serious security problems.

As V4NA has repeatedly highlighted in its articles, public security in France has deteriorated dramatically. One police officer said last year that migrants were responsible for more than half of all the crimes.

Crime in Marseilles, France’s second largest city, has reached critical levels in recent months. There was a spike in shootings and other clashes this year, with drug-related crackdowns being at the heart of the problem. According to the latest figures, 27 people have already lost their lives in the first six months of 2023, compared to 37 deaths in the whole of last year, and 39 in 2021.

Moreover, the surge in crime has been accompanied by a staggering rise in attacks against police officers.

The threats to police were highlighted by Le Monde in 2021. According to their article, the number of violent acts against police officers has more than doubled in two decades.

Authorities register more than 85 incidents of violence against public officials each and every day across the country, but as not all cases are reported, the real number is likely to be higher.

The situation is worst in the capital, where 2,916 incidents were recorded in 2020. This is 10.8 per cent of the national figure, and translated into as many as eight attacks a day.

The notorious Seine-Saint-Denis department, densely populated by migrants in the vicinity of Paris came in second place with 2,292 cases, while Nord – a department in the north of France – ended in third place with 1,298 registered attacks on police, according to the figures published by the paper.



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