Hungarian PM receives US award

Hungary's ambassador to the US, Szabolcs Takacs, attended the 110th Annual Gala held by the New York Young Republican Club on 10 December 2022. At the event, he accepted the John Foster Dulles Award for Viktor Orban. In his address delivered after receiving the award named after the one-time Republican US state secretary, he emphasized that the bestowal of the award was a great honour, and he described the results Hungary has achieved.

POLITICS DECEMBER 16. 2022 17:03

The event has generated wide reverberations not without overtones in domestic politics. At the event, politicians and public figures delivered speeches sharply criticising domestic politics and embracing all the elements of the culture struggle. The Hungarian ambassador thanked the award on behalf of Viktor Orban and

outlined the successes and pillars underpinning the Hungarian conservative government’s policy over the past decade.

It is indeed possible to win elections democratically by doing politics along conservative values, Mr Takacs pointed out in his speech, adding that

the Hungarian government believes in conservative values, in the family, in the nation, and that children are a blessing. And it believes in God, because God is above us all.

What „Hungary has learned as the last Mohican of Europe” is to fight against the dictatorship of liberalism, he emphasized, adding that the government believes in the family and that the father is a man and the mother is a woman. There are many socialist universities in the world, liberals are everywhere, but conservatives must take back the media, the universities, and wage a global fight against liberalism, the Hungarian Origo news portal quoted ambassador Takacs as saying.



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