Co-author writes about genociding white people

In a shocking new book several co-authors provide a glimpse of an alternative Australia in a utopistic future world depopulated by white people. One of the writers, a Muslim man, describes what the country would look like after all the white people will have been eradicated due to a murderous influenza.

WORLD MAY 30. 2020 12:45

In a recently released anthology entitled After Australia, 12 indigenous writers provide a glimpse of an alternative Australia after the era of empires, colonisation and white supremacy. The synopsis makes it abundantly clear that the book cultivates strong anti-white sentiments, a fact only reinforced by a chapter written by Omar Sakr, one of the co-authors.

The chapter s title, White Flu, foreshadows that all white people will likely die from flu. There are no surprises in the storyline, as Sakr starts out by genociding all white people with a flu that had swept across the colonies and the whole of Europe. At this point Bilal, the narrator s cousin, sends a text message saying “Allahu Akbar” (Allah is the greatest), implying his gratitude for the destruction brought about by the flu. As the story progresses in this small, fictitious world, we also learn that Bilal usually receives oral pleasure from young men.

The book, and in particular Omar Sakr s chapter, has received hightened attention. Several news sites were curious to know why it would be acceptable from Muslims to fantasize about committing genocide against white people, who are often blocked or removed from the internet when they talk about protecting their race and culture.



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