"Hey, hey, hey, abortion is okay!"

Activists in Poland have had children participate in a pro-abortion protest. The videos recorded during the left-wing demonstration - whose participants demanded equality, freedom, and abortion on demand - show angry young people yelling pro-abortion slogans.

HOT JANUARY 31. 2021 15:15

Children were shouting pro-abortion slogans during a left-wing demonstration in Poland.

Strajk Kobiet (Women s Strike), an organisation led by Marta Lempart, has held regular protests since the Polish Constitutional Court decided to tighten regulations on abortions in the country. During the latest rally, participants shouted slogans such as: “Hey, hey, hey, abortion is okay! Freedom, equality and abortion on demand!”

As perhaps the most shocking aspect of the protests, several videos – recorded on-site and then shared on social media – show children shouting similar slogans alongside the adult activists, implying that minors are also being involved in pro-abortion movements.

In demonstrations like this, the sight of children yelling in the faces of police officers that they support free abortion has become a regular occurrence. However, online opinions on how wise it is to expose minors to such thoughts and events remain divided.



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