Anti-Israel protesters terrify kids waiting for Santa + videos

In many shopping malls protesters are staging anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian rallies directly targeting Christmas shoppers, but also scaring children who had come to sit on Santa’s knee.

WORLD DECEMBER 18. 2023 18:12

In many central shopping areas across Canada, protesters have staged anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian rallies, killing the Christmas spirit and also terrifying kids who had come to sit on Santa’s knee.

At a shopping mall in Ottawa, protesters shouted and drummed, and their only response to the parents of frightened children was to point out that

„if your children are scared, imagine how the Palestinian kids must feel.”

At one point, Santa Claus looks almost just as horrified by the situation as a baby who had just been placed on his knee, as the protesters chant the currently trending falsehood that „Jesus was Palestinian,” according to to the Rebel News portal.

Burnaby, British Columbia faced a similar disturbance on Saturday, with protesters demanding a ceasefire in the Israeli-Hamas war, or even calling for a violent revolution.

Shoppers suddenly became engulfed by hundreds of protesters holding flags and signs with a broad array of messages, including calls for communism, a ceasefire to the Israel-Hamas war, and even for a historically violent „Intifada revolution”.

Christmas shoppers in at least two different malls in Ontario were also subjected to the wrath of such protesters this past weekend.



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