How the gender lobby and woke destroy children

The daily internet postings of videos and photos showing the depths to which gender lobbies have yanked some communities in in the United States grows more shocking by the day.

WORLD JULY 7. 2024 21:35

An alarming video was shared on X, showing a transvestite performing almost completely naked in a restaurant. That in itself is enough to upset a significant proportion of people, but when that performer walks around with a small child, that really outrages most people in the US.

As V4NA has reported several times, in recent years it has become a regular occurrence that young children are being raised as so-called drag queens, i.e. dressed as the opposite sex. They perform shows, read stories and take part in various children’s activities. In recent years, there have been a number of scandalous incidents, such as a previously convicted paedophile who, dressed as a woman, conducted a story time to young children .

Wokism has had an effect, and they have managed to attract very young children who, with the support of their parents, consider themselves drag queens and call themselves drag kids.

One of the most famous drag kids is 12-year-old Desmond is Amazing. He gives interviews and performs at events. A video of the child, controlled by his mother, has surfaced showing him with a convicted killer. In another video, the boy demonstrates with astonishing precision how to snort ketamine.

Desmond’s Amazing career also began at the age of two, when he and his mother watched RuPaul’s Drag Race, a US drag star talent search TV show.

Desmond Amazing also often performs in front of live audiences, and the then 12-year-old has even appeared in a gay bar. There the men even threw money at the child as if he were a stripper.

But Desmond is not the only child who is taught to do this from a very young age. Miles Pullman, 12, who lives in the UK, has loved dressing up in women’s clothes, borrowing his mother’s make-up and entertaining family and friends since he was two.

So last summer, he decided to debut at a local gay bar in his hometown of Broadstairs. It went so well that four weeks later he was asked to appear on the main stage at Canterbury Pride.

Nicola, Miles’s mother, who backs her son in everything he does, said she was very nervous before the performance because there were thousands of people at the event. The mum supported her son, who wanted to be a drag queen from the start and said she was proud of him for being so comfortable in his own skin.

„With my help, he met some local drag queens who were very nice and gave him tips on how to dress and how to put on makeup,”

the mother added.

According to his mother, Miles started raiding her make-up bag at the age of 4.

„Later on, if I didn’t buy him lipstick at the store, he would have a tantrum,” his mother said.

But Miles is not the only child in the UK who has been sucked into the woke with the help of his parents. Cadyn, now 11, also identifies as a drag queen. The little boy put on his first make-up in November 2019, aged just 9, with the help of his mother after watching RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Fay Gardner, a mother in her 30s, said she couldn’t be prouder of her son for expressing himself.

The mom said there is no age limit in drag art, and urged anyone who criticized her to let kids be kids.

According to the mother, her son has always loved dressing up and performing in front of people. „He said that’s what he wanted to do. I always let my kids play with my makeup, and I even often offered to do their makeup. I did it for him and that was it, Miss Dezaray Star was born,” said the proud mum.



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