Is Brussels to eradicate patriotism in schoolkids?

The key thing is to avoid any topic about what it means to be Polish, about how hard we are building our identity and fighting for our Polishness," said Anna Zalewska, a politician from the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party, in a television interview.

POLITICS FEBRUARY 25. 2024 17:58

Speaking on Telewizja wPolsce Anna Zalewska, a member of the right-wing Law and Justice (PiS) party, has sharply criticised Donald Tusk’s recently established government and Brussels bureaucrats. The politician pointed out that Brussels and Tusk’s government would change the basic school curriculum, depriving it of several elements in a bid to slowly eradicate the concept of Polishness in education.

She emphasized that, as part of the revision of EU treaties to standardise the core curriculum across member states, Brussels was planning a major change by 2026. According to Ms Zalewska, the plan is to build a Europe that’s both uniform and superficial when it comes to its educational mindset, which assistance from Donald Tusk and his leftist-liberal government.

In her interview with Telewizja wPolsce, the Law and Justice party MEP also underlined that the current core curriculum, for which she herself is responsible, dates back to 2017.

„It was many months of work, during which we consulted more than 144 university experts with in-depth knowledge on how to shape our youth, and what methods we should use. We wanted a modern graduate who can do maths and read… people who talk about the future but are immersed in the past because they are still proud of their country; young adults who speak foreign languages,”

– the politician explained. She added that the prevailing idea now was to avoid any topic about what it means to be Polish, about how hard we are building our identity and fighting for our Polishness. Regarding the world wars and the joint history of Poalnd and Germany, schools would also change their narrative to slowly eradicate the sense of Polish patriotism from children.

According to Anna Zalewska, what is at stake in the forthcoming European Parliament elections is nothing less than the future of Europe itself, the future of nations. If we fail to achieve a shift in the current leftist-liberal majority, they’ll create a whole new world in Brussels, the politician said.



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