MTV makes deceitful smear video about Hungary

MTV, the largest music television channel, has made a smear video about Hungary. Their latest clip is a collection of deliberate, easily noticeable lies. The production was assisted by one of the organisers of the Budapest Pride parade, according to the Kontra Hungarian news site.

WORLD NOVEMBER 29. 2021 17:42

Viktoria Radvanyi, one of the organisers of Budapest Pride, has won the „Generation Change” award at this year’s MTV European Music Awards. The ceremony took place in the Puskas Arena in Budapest, Hungary, with support from the Hungarian Tourist Board.

MTV even has made a short film about Ms Radvanyi, which, however, paints a false picture about Hungary and the situation of the LGBTQ community in the country, the Kontra Hungarian news portal reports.

Speaking over some „touching music playing in the background, Viktoria Radvanyi explains that she cannot hold her girlfriend’s hand in Budapest and has to keep looking behind her shoulders all the time because she feels her life is in danger,” the portal writes, adding that while the organiser of Budapest Pride talks about her ordeals, viewers can see some video footage showing uniformed people dragging, insulting and even arresting some members of the LGBTQ community (at 4:15 in the video).

However, the images shown have nothing to do with Hungary, they were recorded in Georgia.

Thus, while Ms Radvanyi talks about palpable violence in the streets of Budapest, MTV’s filmmakers used footage recorded in another country as illustration. Apparently, they decided to do so because they did not find any recordings to bolster their awardee’s claims. In conclusion, Kontra writes:

The largest music television channel has produced a smear video about Hungary. They’ve produced a video full of deliberate and easily noticeable lies, with the help of one of the organisers of Budapest Pride.




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