Nationalist hatred flares at junior match in Sarajevo – with videos

Nationalist hatred flares at junior match in Sarajevo – with videos

Tensions between national ethnic communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina are rising again. The anthem of the Republic of Serbia was played on the Day of Republika Srpska, which prompted objection by Sarajevo. In another recent incident, Croatian children chanted "Kill the Serb" from the sidelines of a junior football match. A knife attack also took place in the Bosnian capital.


Republika Srpska insists on its anthem

In contrast to the „Allahu Akbar” cry, no one was killed in reference to the anthem of the Republika Srpska. Thousands of Americans and Europeans have become victims of Islamic extremists, declared Milorad Dodik. According to the Bosnian Serb president, the „Allahu Akbar” cry is heard with growing frequency in the Balkan country. Mr Dodik was responding to the criticism of outgoing Bosnian Foreign Minister Bisera Turkovic. The minister had objected that the anthem of the Bosnian Serbs was played on the Day of Republika Srpska, a national holiday, and that the Russian president was also honoured there.

The fact that Mr Dodik awarded Republika Srpska’s highest distinction to Vladimir Putin „is an affront to human decency, showing a growing Russian malign influence in the region”, Minister Turkovic wrote on Twitter.

At the same time, Milorad Dodik opined that there is nothing wrong with the fact that he awarded Russian President Vladimir Putin with a medal of honour on the Day of Republika Sprska. According to Mr Dodik, Moscow respects the Serb entity and the international treaty which created the present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina. „How can large European countries explain that in the midst of sanctions against Russia, some of them have even increased trade relations with Russia?” he put the rhetorical question. „And then they call themselves the ‘good guys’, while Bosnian Serbs are the bad ones,” he added.

Knife attack and nationalist hatred at youth football tournament

Tensions have increased further in Sarajevo in recent days. The parents of Serbian junior football players were assaulted with one of them sufferig serious injuries. The horrific attack took place on Saturday night at a tournament in Sarajevo, when local hooligans attacked the parents of underage Serbian boys with tear gas, torches and knives. The father of one of the boys was stabbed twice, in the back and in the leg. The incident happened near a hotel.

The Serbian team Zvezdara participated in an international tournament in the Bosnian capital. The parents managed to fend off the attack, and one of the hooligans was hit several times. The children were not injured, some were fortunately in their rooms at the time. Police and ambulance services also arrived on the scene. 9 suspected attackers were detained by law enforcement officers. The injured parent’s medical condition is stable.

However, nationalist hatred was not only palpable in the streets. Croatian children on the sidelines at a youth team match chanted „kill the Serb”. In the video, you can hear the young people from Split being questioned by their coach. He asks them, who told you to sing this? The Croatian junior team was eventually banned from further participation in the tournament for good, but the match was not cancelled.

“Some said that children from Sarajevo were chanting, but it was not them. It was a team from Split, Croatia. Their coach apologised for all that happened, but we don’t allow such extremism. We will no longer host them in this tournament,” said Almir Prguda, the tournament organiser.

In its 15 years of existence, the Sarajevo International Football Tournament has never recorded incidents like the one we are witnessing now. As for the attack in front of the hotel, the organiser believes that someone tried to ruin the tournament, which is a long-standing tradition.

„In the case of the hooligans’ attack, I think there is some sick Balkan jealousy behind it, someone deliberately sent them to ruin this magnificent gathering. Someone is bothered by this,” Mr Prguda said.

The tournament continued without further incident. The Zvezdara players later played two more matches and won both.



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