Nearly one person attacked every minute in France

Most violent incidents occur within the family.

WORLD MARCH 4. 2024 09:07

A recent report from the ministerial statistical service for internal security highlights a concerning trend in France:

in 2023, police and gendarmerie services recorded a staggering 444,700 victims of physical violence,

which marks a significant, 60 percent increase over the past eight years.

Despite governmental efforts, the number of attack victims continues to rise, with a 7-percent increase, compared to the previous year. This upward trajectory suggests that existing measures are insufficient in curbing violence, casting doubt on President Macron’s vision of a peaceful society, according to the Voice of Europe news site.

Of particular concern is the observation that over half of these violent incidents occur within the family, predominantly in marital settings, accounting for 73 percent of cases.

This represents a notable shift from previous years, with the proportion of domestic violence victims increasing from 41% in 2016 to 54% in 2023.

Researchers attribute this trend to greater willingness among victims to report incidents, fueled by initiatives like the Grenelle on domestic violence and the #MeToo movement. Legislative changes aimed at protecting minors from sexual violence have also contributed to this heightened awareness and reporting.

According to fresh figures released by the French interior ministry, cases of homicide, sexual assault, burglary and vehicle theft all increased over the course of 2023, The Connexion news site highlights.

The French police and gendarmerie recorded a rise in most, but not all types of crime during 2023, and while the numbers were higher than they were for 2022, the rate of the increase was less than between 2021 and 2022.

Authorities registered the greatest increase in assault and battery incidents, there was also a significant rise in homicides (5%), attempted murder cases(13%), and sexual assault incidents (8%).

However, drug trafficking, unarmed theft and unarmed violent crime have dropped by one, three and eight percent, respectively.



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