Never in history: a peace-loving caliphate

"The caliphate is not compatible with the Fundamental Law. It is a totalitarian dictatorship with values that prevailed in 7th century Saudi Arabia, introducing values modeled on the Quran in Germany," renowned Islamic scholar Susanne Schröter said, as cited by the Catholic news portal

WORLD MAY 29. 2024 17:14

The professor touched upon the issue after more than a thousand people recently followed a call for a demonstration by Islamists in Hamburg, Germany. Participants made clear their rejection of Germany, with many carrying signs with slogans that read „Caliphate is the solution.”

In an interview with the Protestant news agency Idea, Susanne Schröter pointed out that

there has never been a peace-loving caliphate in history.

„A caliphate would be an order based on Sharia law, similar to the Taliban in Afghanistan or, worse, the Islamic State terrorist organisation, where rigid norms that have nothing to do with human rights would prevail and where all non-Muslims would be second-class citizens. In this order, women do not have the same rights as men, and violence against non-Muslims is justified,” the Islamic scholar explained.

She added that despite all this, Germany’s interior ministry does not take the problem of Islamism „seriously”, chosing to view it merely as a „trivial fad”.

However, surveys of Muslim students in Lower Saxony, for example, reveal that nearly 70 percent of them consider the Quran more important than German law. When they surveyed students of Islamic theology and religious education at the University of Münster, half of them poited out that Israel had no right to exist, while one in five said they supported the Islamisation of Germany.” The academic warned that it is precisely these students who are likely to become so-called multipliers.

As regards immigration policy, Ms Schröter warned against the dangers „rapid naturalisation”, a process which should take place towards the rear end of social integration. „We need an inclusive culture for those who share the values of our society and a firm hand against those who pursue anti-democratic goals,” she stressed.



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