Riots cause billions in damage

Riots triggered by George Floyd s death have caused up to $2 billion in property damage, according to US insurance companies. Tensions are still running high as Antifas have unleashed another attack on each other.

WORLD SEPTEMBER 20. 2020 14:05

In response to a rally planned by a right-wing group called Proud Boys, which never materialised, the Antifas decided to stage a counter-demonstration in Philadelphia.

The day was full of trouble, as radical leftists attacked each other in a bid to settle a misunderstanding. A man in a face mask was brandishing a baseball bat, making the Antifas confuse him for being a Trump supporter and chase him down the park, all the way to his car.

The angry Antifa crowd destroyed his vehicle, kicking it and smashing its windows and even cursing at his dog.

The radicals also attacked a female reporter and pulled her hair.

According to a recent survey by Princeton University, the United States has witnessed 637 riots between 26 May and 12 September, and 91 per cent of these were induced by the Black Lives Matter movement. Most riots (86) took place in California.

According to US insurance companies, the riots triggered by George Floyd s death have so far caused between $1-2 billion in damage. The grand total may potentially exceed the costs of the 1992 Los Angeles riots, where the violence has incurred a loss of $775 million – worth over $1.4 billion at today s prices – to American insurance companies.



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