Media conceals truth about detaining nurse at protest

A video showing police violence and officers wrestling to the ground and arresting an innocent nurse during the health workers recent peaceful protest, has gone viral on the internet. It turned out, however, that the officers action was not completely unfounded, because the woman had been hurling stones at police - a detail meticulously left out of the video.

WORLD JUNE 17. 2020 11:40

Tuesday s peaceful demonstration by healthcare workers in Paris has spiralled into mayhem and riots after extremists wearing black hoodies had arrived to join the protests. A video posted on Twitter shows a purportedly innocent, astmathic nurse as she is aggressively wrestled to the ground and detained by police officers.

The video has gone viral and caused a considerable outcry. In the footage, the woman named Farida is heard pleading for her inhaler as she is being led away by the officers. After the incident, people gathered in front of the police station, demanding her release.

It has since become evident that the situation was somewhat more complex. Although social media only showed one side of the coin, the events leading up to the arrest have also been gradually uncovered. The officers took action against the woman because she was hurling fist-sized stones at them during the protest. Then, she appeared to be breathing just fine without her inhaler.

As we mentioned earlier, the demonstration which began as a peaceful rally has turned into violent mayhem. As angry demonstrators flipped over cars and overturned garbage pails, police decided to deploy tear gas to disperse them.

Assa Traore, Adama Traore s sister, also visited the protest and posed for photos with the demonstrators. Her T-shirt is something to remember because, according to some acocunts, the violent extremists arriving at the scene were also wearing T-shirts with Adama s name written across them.



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