Upper West Side in decline, families are fleeing

Public security is dramatically deteriorating in New York City s Upper West Side, with families fleeing the once peaceful and homely neighbourhood. The city’s administration under Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio has opened up several new homeless shelters in the area, with one housing convicted child-molesters just a few hundred metres from a school.

WORLD AUGUST 9. 2020 15:26

With crime spiralling out of control, families began to flee from an area known as the Upper West Side of New York City and Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio fails to do anything about the conditions.

New York Post reports on the case of Elizabeth Carr, who has been a resident of the Upper West Side for a long time and an administrator of the NYC Moms for Safer Street Facebook group. However, she and her family are leaving the neighbourhood and moving to North Carolina. „We reached our New York expiration date,” Carr commented.

It s difficult for kids to have to see a guy masturbating on the corner or a man wearing no shoes collapse and being resuscitated in the local shop, the mother says.

Ms Carr is just one of the many mothers whose lives are no longer the same in the Upper West Side. Another mom says she doesn t want to leave but feels that she has no choice now if she doesn t want her children see homeless people, often out of control, shooting up everywhere.

Several moms have reported that New York City is no longer what it used to be. Many times, people can witness more crimes in a week than they have ever seen in their lives. Many residents blame the city s management for the conditions as Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio does little to remedy the situation.

On the contrary. The mayor has recently bowed to the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement and in early July, the city council approved the proposal to cut 1 billion dollars from the New York City Police Department s budget. The restrictions will mainly affect administrative staff and paid overtime. In addition, City Council leaders voted against plans to train 5,300 police officers to provide services to schools.

Regarding schools, the situation on the Upper West Side is made worse by the fact that, homeless paedophiles have been housed in a hotel near a primary school playground following de Blasio s decisions. Residents were understandably outraged at the news, with many saying it was a slap in the face for locals.

The city dumped at least six homeless paedophiles, all still on parole, at Belleclaire hotel, with other homeless people. One of them is 26-year-old Devron Vernal, who raped a four-year-old girl. He had to spend only four years in prison for that, and he is on parole until 2028. Also living in the hotel is Jonathan Evans, who threatened and then raped a 6-year-old boy.

The other criminals include those who raped or molested children aged 10, 11 or 15.  Most worryingly, the Belleclaire Hotel, where they now live, is about 300 metres from an elementary school playground. New York State law prohibits high-risk sex offenders from entering either school or playground areas, but it seems that the distance of a few hundred metres is perfectly acceptable.

Due to the relocation of paedophiles and the rising number of crimes, people want to flee the Upper West Side, despite the fact that within New York, the Upper West Side provided some refuge from the noise of the world, so it was a popular choice for families searching for a quiet place to live.

However, since Bill de Blasio ordered the opening of two new homeless shelters in the area, many have decided to move because they were worried about their safety. Moreover, a 40-year-old woman has recently been stabbed in the shoulder at 72th street subway station. The cause of the unexpected attack remains unknown.

Police statistics show a significant increase in homicides, burglaries and car thefts In New York City between mid-May and mid-June. The BLM protests have only made the situation worse. There were 38 murders in the city during the demonstrations, twice as many as in the same period last year. The number of burglaries also doubled due to looting by anarchist protesters.



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