Vaccine available to anyone in Hungary

Hungary has reached a point where the inoculation is available to anyone, the chief medical officer said on Tuesday at the online press briefing of the Operative Board in charge of coordinating Hungary s pandemic response.

WORLD APRIL 27. 2021 13:58

Cecilia Muller said that, as part of the government s effective vaccine procurement, Hungary already took delivery of 480 000 doses of Sputnik V vaccine and 355 680 doses of Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday, adding that they are expecting another more than 343 000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine this week.

Hungary now has, on a wide-ranging spectrum, sufficient vaccine quantities to protect everyone individually against the infection and its potentially serious, adverse reactions, too, Ms Muller said.

Now it s up to the individuals to have themselves inoculated, the chief medical officer said, adding that this was the way out of the pandemic.



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