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Viktor Orban: We don't want to be told what to spend the money on

The Dutch want to tell what Hungarians should spend the money on. This is unacceptable, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said on the third day of the EU summit in Brussels. The premier underlined that Hungary's stance remained unchanged: only the Hungarians can decide on Hungarians' money.

There is a good chance that a deal is made at the Brussels summit of the European Union, Hungarian PM Viktor Orban said in Brussels. All negotiating parties are aware of how serious the pandemic situation is and how dramatic is it economically, the premier said.

He added that there were only a few more issues to discuss: the size of the recovery package aimed at mitigating the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, including the ratio of grants and loans, possible rebates, and making payments subject to conditions. The prime minister considers the agreement likely, despite the Hungarian position has not been enforced in connection with several conditions of the authorisation given by the Hungarian Parliament.  

The head of government added that Hungary does not accept any political preconditions for the distribution of funds, so if necessary, they are ready to stay another week and keep negotiating.

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