Dollar Left received more foreign funds to influence elections than previously known

Mate Kocsis, the group leader of Hungary's ruling Fidesz party, presented the latest developments regarding the scandalous financing of Hungary's Dollar Left on his social media. As he said, investigations suggest that even more money may have gone to the Left than we have known so far.

POLITICS JANUARY 20. 2023 15:09

Regarding the case of Hungary’s so-called Dollar Left, new developments came to light at Friday’s meeting of the National Security Committee, Fidesz’s parliamentary group leader Mate Kocsis wrote. He stressed that

more money has come in from abroad to influence the Hungarian elections than previously thought, adding that the picture regarding the role of Hungarian leftists and liberals involved is becoming clearer.

The politician has initiated the declassification of the files containing the new information, a move that would allow citizens to gain full access to the exclusive documents.

„As the report we received today has been classified until 31 December 2052 in line with rules, and I am not allowed to share any details, I have initiated declassification,” he wrote in his post, adding that he hopes the report will soon become accessible to everyone.

As the issue is unprecedented and the country’s sovereignty has been severely violated, every Hungarian has the right to learn about it,

the politician emphasized in conclusion.



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