Doomed by greed, Manfred Weber bent on taking revenge on Hungarians

Doomed by greed, Manfred Weber bent on taking revenge on Hungarians

The hypocritical, Hungarian-hating politician has repeatedly suffered from bouts of spontaneous amnesia. Manfred Weber blames the Hungarians and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for what he actually owes to himself and his greediness.

POLITICS JANUARY 6. 2024 16:41

Manfred Weber, the slick Bavarian, goes on a revenge campaign

To this day, Hungarian-hating Manfred Weber, German EP group leader of the European People’s Party (EPP), has not been able to come to terms with his failure to become president of the European Commission. As is known, in 2019 Manfred Weber ran as a candidate for the position of Commission president, but despite all his efforts, he failed in his bid both in the European Council composed of heads of state and government and in the European Parliament. Although numerous politicians and parties lined up against him, Manfred Weber is hellbent on taking revenge on Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban. Most recently, he has also decided to punish the Hungarian people, at least this is what his letter addressed to European Parliament President Roberta Metsola implies. The EPP chief has called on Metsola to get the European Parliament to somehow prevent the disbursement of EU funds to Hungarians unlocked in December, following approval by the European Commission.

„We remain unconvinced of the European Commission’s reasoning and call on you to request an assessment of this decision from the European Parliament’s Committee on Budgetary Control and other competent services,”

said Manfred Weber, who is determined to take revenge on Viktor Orban and the Hungarian people for his abject failure. Many have slammed the door on the Bavarian politician for good reason, and Weber may have forgotten how brazenly he exploited legal loopholes.

Manfred Weber’s peculiar understanding of working from home

V4NA’s journalists exposed the dealings of the cunning politician after a lengthy investigation. Back in 2019, MEPs received 4,332 euros per month as general reimbursement primarily for running a formal office, as set out in the guidelines. The MEPs were not accountable for the expenditures, no invoices had to be presented, and Weber saw a great opportunity in this loophole. The jockeying EPP politician declared his own family house as the party’s office to keep hold of this amount.

His house was located in a small Lower Bavarian village, Wildenberg, at the back of beyond, where he was a habitual resident. He designated the ground floor of the building to be his office, in an obvious effort to retain the money he should be spending on renting an office. The fact that his village is so far away from large cities that voters cannot easily visit their beloved representative, never really mattered.

In Wildenberg, V4NA’s crew saw with their own eyes that Weber didn’t even bother to put up a sign on his gate, indicating that the house is his office.

Let us do the math! In the 15 years since 2004 – which is 180 months – if we only registered half of the 4,332 euros as unspent rental cost, we would get 180 x 2,150 euros, which is nearly 400,000 euros. Moreover, Weber could easily use this amount to cover his house’s entire utilities expenses, as Brussels never required any invoices. Weber does not bother with such petty, trivial details. He knows how best to spend European taxpayers’ money.

In the photo below, Weber can be seen arriving at the „office” rented from himself on 30 April 2019.

The Hungarian-hating politician has had fits of spontaneous amnesia on other occasions during the current EU term, for example when he told the German Augsburger Allgemeine newspaper that

options are needed to reduce the pension claims of corrupt MEPs in the event of confirmed misconduct.
Moreover, the European People’s Party itself could be implicated in the corruption scandal in Brussels, the biggest scandal in the history of the European Parliament and one that has shaken trust in the EU institutions to the core.



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