Ferenc Gyurcsany: Fidesz voters should feel ashamed

Former PM Ferenc Gyurcsany, the leader of the Hungarian Left, gave his annual speech at his party's congress. His speech was quite aggressive. Putting aside the ridiculous embellishments, the Dollar Left leader's style, which was unctuous and threatening at the same time, was undoubtedly alarming, the Hungarian news portal Origo writes.


As a start, the typical leftist lies and fake news were reiterated through ridiculous short films. In the end, of course, they again noted that they were preparing for… something that they failed to clarify yet again, Origo pointed out. At the beginning of his speech, Mr Gyurcsany complained about his cold:

„Struggling is in the very core of our profession. I have struggled a lot over the last two decades. I’ve also been struggling for a few days now, this time with an unwanted flatmate called the flu. For now, we are in a draw.”

In a rather peculiar logic, the Hungarian government’s pro-peace stance reminded him of the Bucha massacre. Given that the Left wants to supply Ukraine with weapons, this comes as no surprise. Also no wonder that he urged anyone who is not with Fidesz (the ruling party) to join his party. The leader of the Left not only wants to lead the other parties, he does not want to see any other opposition party whatsoever.

In addition to his confused remarks about Roma people, he had a specific comment: ‘we have a distance’ towards them, he said in the plural first person. To those who voted for Fidesz, he sent the message, in a rather threatening tone, that they should “feel ashamed.”

Of course, the topic of shadow government also came up and Mr Gyurcsany also mentioned that he would work something out by the autumn. He also announced a four-point plan, for example, that the shadow government was important and that they should have a lot of activists.

He also made an interesting announcement: Popular veteran television personality Istvan Vago will not be a member of the board, he is effectively retiring, or being retired. Obviously, they wanted to get rid of the former „quiz professor”, who has found himself in an increasingly pathetic situation.



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