FPO: EU makes Europe unlivable for businesses and consumers

FPO: EU makes Europe unlivable for businesses and consumers

There are two main reasons for the explosion of energy prices. Both are the outcome of the European Union's insanity, and the Austrian government appears eager to follow the playbook.


The European Union’s insane policy is responsible for the energy crisis affecting Europe and the drastic rise in energy prices. One reason for the explosion of prices is the sanctions policy against Russia, while the other is the brutal increase in the price of the carbon dioxide quota, and both are the result of the European Union’s policies, Roman Haider, a politician from the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria (FPO), told a parliamentary session. The sanctions are not biting Russia hard enough, while Europe is becoming unlivable, Mr Haider opined.

„Cheap natural gas from Russia has been replaced by expensive liquefied gas. Russia’s war of aggression is definitely condemnable, but the sanctions affecting the energy sector will not bring an end to this aggression. They will not lead to Russia’s bankruptcy, as Russian raw materials are now finding their way to other countries,”

the right-wing politician pointed out. Regarding the massive increase in the price of carbon dioxide quotas, he noted that the price of one tonne of carbon dioxide has risen from 5.8 euros in 2017 to 100 euros by August 2022, increasing almost twenty-fold in five years. This is not due to the market environment or some speculators, but to the European Union’s decision to raise prices. Since, with the exception of FPO, every political party in Austria supports this move by the EU, the right wing believes that each and every party in Austria is responsible for the situation that has evolved. Responsibility lies with the governing parties in particular, since „in their blind allegiance, they support every decision made in Brussels,” he added.

At another session, the FPO sharply criticised the EU’s Green Deal, saying that it was neither a good deal, nor particularly green. In their view, the Green Deal is the result of the European Commission’s ideology-driven, anti-business and anti-industry policy, and with their support, the governing parties are contributing to the destruction of the European economy. Moreover, the Austrian government is continuing the same insanity at home in Austria.

„Energy prices are skyrocketing, people can no longer pay their bills, companies are on the brink of bankruptcy, and what is the government doing in this situation? It introduces a carbon-dioxide tax, driving inflation further. What’s more, the Green energy minister sees this as a big step forward,”

FPO noted during a parliamentary session. At another session, FPO politician Erwin Angerer called the European Union’s policies downright Marxist. During a debate in parliament, the right-wing MP pointed out that the Austrian economy was far from being over the worst, with the coming winter in particular posing a major threat. This year, Europe has been lucky to have had a mild winter so far and has been able to fill up its gas reservoirs.

But we don’t know how long the price of electricity and gas will rise if Russian gas becomes scarcer. We will not be able to secure European industry if we only treat the symptoms. The senseless sanctions against Russia make it impossible for the industry and the companies to plan their businesses, and the difficult framework conditions in Europe make Europe an unattractive place to do business,”

Mr Angerer pointed out, adding that other countries, for example Turkey, India or China have a clear competitive advantage as the requirements there are less stringent and less costly than in the EU. In addition, they can continue to produce their products with cheap Russian gas, while businesses in Europe are still suffering from gas prices that are six times higher than before the crisis.

Experts believe that the end result will be the relocation of large industries to other countries.

In light of this, the FPO believes that Europe, or at least Austria, must re-engage with Russia economically.

The Austrian Freedom Party is also unhappy with the military aid sent to Ukraine and continues to call for a referendum, referring to the Hungarian model, where the government has asked people’s opinion on its policy towards Russia.

„I demand an immediate referendum to ask the Austrian people about the continuation of the EU sanctions policy, Austria’s involvement in arms exports to Ukraine and whether the federal government is adhering to permanent neutrality.”

MP Harald Vilimszky said, noting that almost two thirds of people reject both the sanctions and the arms transfers. After all, he added, the fundamental question is whether people want peace or a further escalation of the war of aggression launched by Russia.



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