Germans increasingly worried about immigration

In Germany, six out of ten violent crimes are committed by migrant foreign nationals, according to new figures released by the federal government.

WORLD MAY 14. 2024 10:59

Despite making up roughly 14.6 percent of the population, migrants are responsible for 58.5 percent of all violent crimes in Germany, according to recent figures published by the German federal government.

More specifically, the numbers show that foreign nationals without German passports appear as suspects in 111,517 violent crimes, out of a total pool of 190,605 suspects across the country, NTV reports.

The number of non-Germans suspected of violent crime increased by 14.5 percent compared to the previous year.

Excluding so-called immigration offences, the number of non-Germans suspected of any crime rose by 17.8 percent to 923,269 suspects in 2023, nearly half of the 2.25 million total suspects last year, according to Breitbart. The news site has emphasized that NTV tried to explain the high crime rates attached to migrants by saying that their experience of violence in their home countries „lowers the threshold for the use of violence”.

The figures, incidentally, do not include those migrants who later obtained German citizenship or those who have a migrant background through one of their parents, but are already German citizens.

According to a recent Alliance of Democracies survey, there has been a sharp increase in the proportion of people in Europe who believe that reducing immigration should be a top government priority. Germany tops the list. While in 2022, around a quarter of Germans identified immigration as a top priority, this figure rose to 44 percent in the 2024 survey.



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