Hungarian Dollar Left in telltale meeting with Soros junior

David Koranyi, the administrator of Hungary’s "Dollar Left" coalition, was at the same event as Alex Soros, the son of billionaire speculator George Soros a few days before Action for Democracy made the first money transfer to Hungary.


In the past few days, the Hungarian Socialist Party’s (MSZP) ex-Communications Director Gyorgy Kerenyi wrote on the American-funded Radio Free Europe website that most of the foreign money for the Hungarian opposition election campaign likely came from billionaire George Soros, with the help of former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai. Mr Kerenyi put it specifically like this:

“Still, no one is revealing the real source of the money that Gordon Bajnai arranged (and although his name did not explicitly come up in discussions about the support, everyone treats it as fact that it mostly originated from George Soros, who maintains good ties with Bajnai). The support used in the competition between opposition parties had landed on the account of an NGO,”

the daily Magyar Nemzet writes . According to the report published by the National Information Center last week, however, “it has been confirmed that the companies which came into contact with the financial resources from abroad are listed as authorized parties in the campaign reports of some opposition parties”. As is well known, approximately four billion Hungarian forints (over 10 million euros) had been channelled to the Hungarian opposition through a foundation registered in Switzerland, and the US-based organization Action for Democracy led by David Koranyi.

At this point, a document obtained by the daily Magyar Nemzet, containing the official foreign visits by David Koranyi between 2019 and 2022, became interesting. Mr Koranyi acted as the Dollar Left’s administrator, and he was an advisor to Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony.

So these are the trips that Koranyi financed from the coffers of the capital’s taxpayers. A total of eight of these are listed in the table, but one of them is interesting from our point of view, a three-day visit to Munich costing approximately 600 euros.

Between 18-20 February 2022, Mr Koranyi attended a security policy conference in Munich. Mayor Gergely Karacsony was also present at that conference, which he reported on his social media page: „Over the weekend, I attended the world’s most prestigious international security policy forum, the Munich Security Conference.” Mr Karacsony participated in a panel discussion with the mayors of Istanbul and Warsaw, with the video footage of the event evidencing that Mr Koranyi was translating for him, since Budapest’s mayor does not speak any English.

Alongside the world’s numerous elected leaders, there was one influential, non-elected person among the participants at the same time and in the same place, taking photos of himself and many of the politicians. He was none other than Alexander Soros, the son of the billionaire stock exchange speculator and a member of the so-called advisory team of the conference.

Although Alex Soros did not take a public photo with Gergely Karacsony and David Koranyi, it is rather hard to imagine that they hadn’t bumped into each other during Mr Koranyi’s three-day stay in Munich.

The dates are very revealing: Mr Koranyi stayed in Munich between 18-20 February, while the heir of the Soros empire also attended the conference on those dates. A few days later, on 24 February 2022, Mr Koranyi’s Action for Democracy transferred the first tranche of money to Hungary.

Let’s recall that the second subreport released by Hungary’s National Security Committee last week reveals that the foundation was „created with an established financial background and a clearly set objective”. The report also shattered the myth of micro-donations, as Mr Koranyi and his team also calculated with donations worth at least nine million Hungarian forints (roughly 230,800 euros at current exchange rate).

There is one other tie, which also provides a definite link between Alex Soros and Mr Koranyi’s Action for Democracy. Alex Soros happened to share on Twitter one of the ads of the organisation behind the Dollar Left’s scandal. As is known, a billboard saying „Help Hungarians use their strongest weapon” was posted in New York’s Times Square and Alexander Soros also shared this motto on his Twitter account. On top of this, Kati Marton, one of the organisers of the fundraiser, maintains a close relationship with George Soros and his son, as evidenced by a photo taken in March 2018.

This sets the context for understanding the statement the socialists’ former communications director made by saying that a large part of the foreign funds received by the Dollar Left could have come from billionaire George Soros with the help of ex-PM Gordon Bajnai, the former boss of Mr Koranyi and supporter of Gergely Karacsony, Magyar Nemzet points out.



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