"In France today, immigration and Islamisation are the main threats to women's freedom"

Last year, over three-quarters of all reported rapes in Paris were committed by immigrants. According to conservative politician Marion Maréchal, these figures indicate that in 2024, women's freedom will be most threatened by mass immigration and Islamisation.

WORLD MAY 7. 2024 11:51

Immigrants are over-represented in Paris’s crime statistics. Data shows that 77% of rapes solved in 2023 were perpetrated by individuals without French passports, with many of the crimes occurring in tourist areas.

French conservative politician Marion Maréchal responded to these alarming statistics by emphasizing that

„What truly threatens women’s freedom in France today is the fact that a sexual assault occurs every six minutes in this country.”

Ms Maréchal argues that immigration and Islamisation pose significant challenges to French society and identity.

„Today, young girls are being beaten and lynched because they do not adhere to Islamic rules and dress codes. This represents a threat to our deeply-rooted identity,” she asserted.

In one incident observed by passing police officers on a metro line,

a man was seen touching his victim’s buttocks while simulating sexual intercourse with his pelvis,

according to the Actu17 news site.



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