Is Brussels preparing a constitutional coup?

This is not a reform of the European Union treaties, but a constitutional coup d'état, an attempt to abolish the sovereignty of nation states, warned Jacek Saryusz-Wolski, an MEP for the right-wing Polish Law and Justice (PiS) party.

POLITICS FEBRUARY 22. 2024 13:54

The EU institutions have been engaged in discussions about treaty changes for an extended period, and the process is advancing rapidly. However, Europeans are not always well-informed about the upcoming changes, as foreign media often remain silent on the subject. Despite this, some MEPs and conservative circles are bringing Brussels’ plans to light and sounding the alarm about potential dangers. This concern was a focal point during a recent panel discussion in Brussels, attended by Law and Justice (PiS) MEPs.

The politicians raised the issue of amending the EU treaties, a move that could result in the centralization of EU power. The objective is for Brussels to assume control over areas previously managed by member states, encompassing education, health, defense, foreign policy, borders, internal policies of EU member states, veto rights, and the euro currency. Member states are thus at risk of losing their sovereignty in the pursuit of building a European superstate.

The gradual dismantling of the European constitutional system’s existing legal barriers is at the core of the whole structure, as one feature of the inherently centralising process of EU integration,” Mr Legutko said. This is not a reform of the EU treaties, but a constitutional coup d’état, an attempt to abolish the sovereignty of nation states,” Saryusz-Wolski replied.

Instead of further centralization justified by political theatre and manipulation, a new EU treaty should be negotiated from scratch to restore subsidiarity and democracy in Europe,

– Belgian politician Gerolf Annemans said. According to the organisers of the debate, amending the EU treaties meant „giving more power to Brussels and further eroding the sovereignty of member states in the relentless march towards an increasingly federal future”.

Late last year, the European Parliament put forward a series of reform proposals that perfectly outlined the long-term intentions of the EU mainstream, while deliberately keeping the public in the dark.



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