Islamists plan new protest in Hamburg

Having called for the introduction of an Islamic caliphate on the streets of Hamburg, Islamists have announced on social media that they will stage new rallies on the city's streets.

POLITICS MAY 6. 2024 12:56

Just one day after hundreds had staged a protest against an earlier march by the radical Muslim Interaktiv group in Hamburg’s St. George district, Islamists are planning to hold another public gathering. To this end, they announced a renewed call on social media over the weekend:

„At 4 pm on Saturday we will protest together against the censorship of our Islamic values. Come in good numbers and do not be intimidated by politics and the media,”

– the statement reviewd by the German Die Welt newspaper says.

As is known, a few days ago a group led by Raheem Boateng took to the streets demanding the introduction of an Islamic caliphate in Germany. At the time, around 1,200 people took part in the demonstration, which was organised in a district boasting a large Muslim population.

Initially, German public media outlets tried to stay quiet about the incident, and the parties in the governing coalition were also remained silent. The issue, however, has sparked a nationwide outcry, forcing Chancellor Olaf Scholz to go public and condemn the Muslims’ demand. The ensuing public debate revolved around why such rallies have received a green light from the authorities, and whether certain mottos or slogans should be entirely banned.

„This is not a peaceful rally, but a power demonstration by radical Islamists who have no place in our city. In this regard, I call on the Senate to do everything in its power to prevent this renewed caliphate demonstration,”

– Hamburg’s Christian Democrats have warned it a statement.



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