Joke party's chief lambasts Hungarian Dollar Left

For months the biggest campaign financing scandal in Hungary since the regime change has been unfolding. The issue linked to the Dollar Left and the rolling dollars it received were commented on by Gergo Kovacs, president of the Two Tailed Dog Party. In a discussion programme called Klasszis Klub, the leader of the joke party noted that everyone knows that the funds the Left spent on the election campaign came from large foreign donors. He added that it is also obvious that the funds came from a few major donors and not from thousands of US citizens. The wisecrack party's chief quite seriously lambasted the dollar Left.


In the show, Mr Kovacs practically called Peter Marki-Zay [the opposition’s failed PM candidate] to account over the dollar Left’s double-dealing: While they are talking about transparent financial reporting, they received the equivalent of 4 billion forints (over 10 million euros) in dollars and spent the funds in a rather unclear manner.

The president of the Two-Tailed Dog Party added that

his party received 400 thousand rolls of anti-government toilet paper that the Left had ordered for the campaign.

During the discussion on 2 February, Gergo Kovacs also noted that

„what has been happening in the past months around the opposition, or especially around MZP (Peter Marki-Zay – ed.), with all this money coming from abroad, I think it’s an extremely sad thing (…..) with the prime ministerial candidate, who wears the blue ribbon of honesty, admitting by accident that foreign funds amounting to 4 billion forints were spent on the campaign. I cannot put it in any other way, he lied, didn’t he, that it was not spent on the campaign and that it was raised by many thousands of people in the US.”

“Obviously, I think everyone knows that this is not true. I think he could at least tell the truth: yes, they had some major foreign supporters, yes, legally, because they are not a party that received this money, and now it went to the campaign, but actually it is legal, and it’s okay,” the chairman of the Dog Party said.

The politician also expressed the opinion that „the story itself, which I think sounds horrible. Just like MZP is boasting on TV channels how transparent his campaign was, and they put up a table of the most transparent accounts in the world, and you can’t see anything from it, it doesn’t show what the given itemised amount was spent on, at which company it was spent, and from the other parties [in the election coalition] you can’t even see that much, it’s not that complicated…”

„When Marki-Zay says that tens of thousands of people from the US gave him money for the ‘cultural change’, he somehow fails to add that a good part of the money did not come to him, but went to Oraculum 2020 Ltd. Who is crazy enough in the US to give thousands of dollars to the Oraculum 2020 company belonging to the son of an MSZP guy, so it’s really such madness!” Mr Kovacs said on the programme. The Dog Party chairman also explained that

“by the way, at least one good thing came of this money, as Oraculum spent some of it on anti-government toilet paper, but then didn’t distribute them and they were left in the warehouse, and the opposition obviously doesn’t care if there’s no campaign, so obviously they didn’t hand them out.

„So some reached us through a private person, and then we were able to distribute them. There was a lot of toilet paper, 400 thousand, which for sure cost no small amount, so several per cent of this lot went to toilet paper that was not even distributed,” Gergo Kovacs emphasized.



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