Leftist mayor, known for earlier scandal, gets arrested

The tax office could prosecute Levente Gyenes for budgetary fraud. Mr Gyenes became a politician known nationwide after racy pictures of him sucking white powder off a naked woman had surfaced.


Leftist mayor of the Hungarian town of Gyomro, along with his associates, was detained some days ago by investigators of the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV), and their arrest was ordered by the court on Thursday. It is understood that the case is being prosecuted for conspiracy to commit budgetary fraud causing particularly serious financial damage.

Officials recently appeared at the home of the mayor of Gyomro, a local resident told Magyar Nemzet. The newspaper has learned that the politician was visited by investigators from the National Tax and Customs Administration (NAV). Sources say that Levente Gyenes, the Gyomro’s leftist mayor, was detained by the Western Transdanubian Criminal Investigation Directorate of NAV, together with five of his associates. On Thursday, Mr Gyenes and his associates were put under arrest by the Szombathely District Court for thirty days. The judgment is not final.

Magyar Nemzet has contacted the chief prosecutor’s office of Vas county, Hungary, where it learned that six people were indeed arrested by the court on Thursday, and

the case is being investigated for charges of budgetary fraud in a criminal organisation causing significant financial loss.

The paper has also inquired about the case at the Town Hall of Gyomro, but they were unable to provide any information.

Levente Gyenes became known nationwide after the publication of

juicy photos of him sniffing white powder off of a naked woman’s body.

The mayor is also known to have a soft spot for luxury. The Kontra outlet had already found out that he spent one holiday at Ibiza’s Hard Rock Hotel with Imre Martha, the leader of Budapest’s public utility company. A night at the aforementioned hotel could guests back with as much as 1000 euros.

Years ago, by the Szeged Court of Appeals found Mr Gyenes guilty of continued tax evasion and the continued falsification of private documents. He was then sentenced to nine months, suspended for two years, upholding the first-instance verdict. Mr Gyenes was the seventh defendant in a trial which involved the mass issuance of fictitious invoices. According to the current legislation, the local assembly should have launched a so-called „indecent conduct procedure” against him, which Mr Gyenes prevented by submitting his resignation. However, he was re-elected later, in 2019.



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