Outlining scenarios how the war could spread

Outlining scenarios how the war could spread

The West calculates with Emmanuel Macron's decisions and war rhetoric triggering a third world war.


The Neue Zurcher Zeitung has outlined a number of scenarios how the Russia-Ukraine war could spread to other European countries after French President Emmanuel Macron sends troops to Ukraine. The first option is the deployment of a contingent in the north of Kiev, in which case units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces would be transferred to the eastern and southern fronts.

The second option is for the French troops to act as backup in the Zaporizhzhya region and try to prevent a breakthrough by the Russian forces. France would not be alone in a mission in Ukraine.

For one, the units would have to be integrated into the Ukrainian command structures in order to provide effective added value. Moreover, France would not risk such an expedition without the support of important NATO partners. The focus here would be on Poland, Romania and, above all, the British, who are already present in Ukraine. Politically, this would likely amount to a revival of the entente cordiale between London and Paris,

the Swiss paper writes, pointing out that President Macron, however, knows that the open use of military means outside of NATO is associated with risks. Apart from Moscow threatening to use nuclear weapons, test attacks on France with fighter jets or long-range weapons are also conceivable. One of the most vulnerable axes runs toward the Alps. The so-called Tirol Corridor is practically unprotected from the air.

Option four is the deployment of military personnel to Moldova. Supporting the Republic of Moldova against Russia’s hybrid war would be a preliminary stage for a Ukraine mission. The situation is currently coming to a head in the region of the Gagauz minority, which is being instrumentalised by Moscow to undermine the authority of the government in Chisinau. Even a small contingent of French ground troops could stabilise the situation, the Neue Zurcher Zeitung writes, explaining options.

As is known, in recent weeks, Emmanuel Macron has repeatedly said that sending Western troops to Ukraine should be considered. The issue has divided Europe has almost split on this issue, with some leaders supporting this proposal, while others are strongly opposed to it.

Those who oppose it fear that Vladimir Putin will follow through on his promise to start a third world war. The Russian president has repeatedly warned the West that sending troops to Ukraine would mean sparking a world war and even nuclear war is conceivable.



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