PM Orban: Hungary offers help for survival and recovery

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban sent a letter to the Melkite Greek Catholic Archbishop Emeritus of Aleppo, Syria, following news that one priest died and Archbishop Emeritus Jean-Clement Jeanbart was taken to hospital with serious injuries after the collapse of the archbishop's residence during last week's earthquake, Bertalan Havasi, the PM's press chief told the Hungarian state news agency (MTI).


He was deeply saddened to learn about what had happened and truly relieved by the news that the archbishop’s life was no longer in immediate danger, Viktor Orban wrote in his letter.

The premier recalled Jean-Clement Jeanbart’s visit to Budapest in 2017, which he said he remembered fondly.

PM Orban assured the Syrian Greek Catholic leader that Hungary will stand by their community even in the current arduous ordeal.

The Hungarian government will do everything in its power to help them survive and make a fresh start. We remember the victims and pray for those who have lost loved ones or their homes,

the Hungarian prime minister concluded his letter.



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