Police search home of teacher who had sex with 15-year-old student

On Friday morning, police searched the home of a primary school teaching assistant, who became notorious for his distasteful, stomach-churning online videos, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet writes. Officers confiscated various data carriers from the teacher's home, who admitted having an affair with a 15-year-old boy. The National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) has launched an investigation in the case.

WORLD FEBRUARY 17. 2023 13:19

On Friday morning, the Hungarian National Bureau of Investigation (NNI) searched the home of a teaching assistant, a nearly 40-year-old LGBTQ activist who, according to his own statements, had engaged in a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old boy, Magyar Nemzet writes.

The newspaper understands that the arriving officers have seized various data carriers, a phone and a computer. As is known, the man, who works at the Gyula Krudy English-Hungarian Dual Language Primary School, talked about his love affair and other scandalous escapades in videos he shared on social media. The teaching assistant has since been suspended from his job. Former Fidesz lawmaker Istvan Tenyi has filed a complaint with the authorities on suspicion of sexual abuse and endangering a minor.

In his explanation, Mr Tenyi pointed out that

the teaching assistant who engaged in a sexual relationship with a student attended a Budapest Pride event in 2018, where he talked about how he handles the sexual education of kids that he’s in charge of.

The discussion was organised by Labris, an NGO funded by the Soros network. „We had a job which we had to do, but outside of that we just lived our private lives,” the teaching assistant who had sex with his student said, among other things.

According to publicly available information, Zsolt Bite – the man who engaged in a sexual relationship with his student – worked in the Peter Vajda Primary School of Music and Sports in Budapest’s 8th district, where he held media workshops in the afternoon for grades 5 through 7, according to the school’s website and his own words at the time. At an event four and a half years ago, he said the following about a summer media camp in the town of Kapolcs:

I didn’t limit their sexual freedom. … In the evenings… I mean during the day we would record , edit the footage, and then in the rest of the day… khm… we would do whatever we wanted.

Mr Tenyi’s complaint to police makes mention of the fact that in terms of issues surrounding sexuality, the teaching assistant regularly spoke in plural about himself and the children in his care: “we would shoot”, “we would do”, „we wanted”,” and „we would live our private lives.”

According to Mr Tenyi, a regular claimant who’s lodged several complaints over the years in many other cases, all this could raise the suspicion of endangering a child and sexual abuse to the detriment of a minor, if the allegations are substantiated.

The assistant known for having a sex affair with a student also stated in his videos that anyone who tries to report him to any authorities will fail, because he is backed by such reputable organisations as the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union (TASZ), the Helsinki Committee and the Democratic Trade Union of Teachers (PDSZ). He even boasted that if anyone sues him, “the lawsuit will cost that person an arm and a leg.”



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