Smoking comes under government fire

Smoking comes under government fire

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has repeatedly condemned Germany.

WORLD APRIL 18. 2024 12:46

Germany’s Federal Narcotics and Addiction Commissioner Burkhard Blienert called for a much stronger approach to the issue of tobacco consumption, saying there is a giant need for action.

„We can follow the example of how seriously smoking is handled in other countries,”

Blienert told Bild. For example, the British government wants to make it illegal for anyone born after 1 January 2009 to purchase tobacco products. To this end, the current minimum age of 18 is to be gradually raised. So it would be increased by one year every year until eventually, in practice, the entire population would be affected by the ban.

Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann spoke out against the smoking ban as it is being discussed in the UK.

„I believe that adults can decide for themselves what they do or don’t want to consume,”

the Free Democratic Party (FDP) politician told RTL and ntv broadcasters, and then went on to defend his position through the financial burden of smoking-related diseases on health insurers and society. In Bild, Narcotics Commissioner Blienert also referred to the government coalition agreements:

„The number one step for us now is to implement the accepted points in the coalition agreement and finally ensure that cigarettes and related products can no longer be advertised and that the tobacco industry is prevented from being sponsors.”

According to Blienert, 127,000 people in the country die every year from smoking, and this must not be allowed to continue.

Last year, the World Health Organisation (WHO) also noted that Germany’s progress was sluggish in the fight against smoking. According to the view at the time, „it is incomprehensible why politicians in Germany are reluctant to implement anti-smoking measures”.



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