Ukrainian woman forges documents for illegal migrants

If convicted, the woman faces up to five years in prison.

WORLD APRIL 21. 2024 16:57

Since January, Polish authorities have been monitoring the Ukrainian woman who forged an array of documents for illegal migrants in a rented apartment in Gdansk.

„The forged items include residence cards, Polish and foreign ID cards, driving licences, passports, visas, and various other fake documents from regional prefects, social insurance institutions, employers, medical professionals, and insurance companies,”

said Tadeusz Gruchala, the local press spokesman for the border guard.

Gruchala noted that the border guards also found equipment necessary to produce forged documents such as seals used by various officials and professionals, alongside ready-made document packages prepared for shipment to recipients located all over the world. During the house search, the border guards also discovered laptops, mobile phones, printers, cutting tools, and photo lamps. The raid took place after an Iraqi national was arrested for attempting to cross the border using forged Romanian documents: a passport, an ID and a driving licence.

Individual documents on the black market cost up to several thousand euros, depending on their type and the nature of the forgery.

When the Ukrainian woman, who was involved in organising the production of documents in a network, was arrested, investigators found more than 2,750 ready-made documents with an estimated black market value exceeding 3 million euros. If convicted, she faces up to five years in prison.



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