WSJ calls US Embassy's actions in Hungary 'grade-school antics'

The Biden administration is pushing woke ideology on the world at the expense of American values, writes the author of the article in the US paper.

POLITICS OCTOBER 28. 2022 14:05

A lengthy opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal has come out criticising both the US Embassy in Budapest and the Biden administration’s work in spreading woke ideology. The exportation of American culture has long been one of our nation’s greatest soft-power assets, the article reads. But instead of using it to affirm Western values and US interests, the Biden administration is proselytizing for woke ideology.

„In an effort to ‘promote diversity and inclusion,’ the State Department is funding ‘drag theater performances’ in Ecuador through cultural grants,” the article reports the shocking news. „The purpose of the grants, according to official documents, is to

support the achievement of US foreign policy goals and objectives, advance national interests, and enhance national security.”

„Left unexplained is how drag-queen shows enhance American national security or advance our interests – let alone why US taxes should pay for it. Meanwhile, a Chinese consortium controls the two largest copper mines in Ecuador. A lot of good drag theater will do when we can’t find enough copper for essential manufacturing.”

How does Hungary enter the picture?

“In another cringeworthy example of the State Department’s woke virtue signaling, the US Embassy in Budapest tweeted a ‘Who said it?’ quiz that asked Hungarians to guess whether various statements had been made by Vladimir Putin or a Hungarian politician,” the author writes.

“A ‘downright barbaric ideology is gaining ground,’ one quote began, ‘originating in U.S. universities, which denies all the value that humanity has created.’ This supposedly scurrilous statement, with which many Americans would agree, was uttered by Hungary’s deputy prime minister—a thoughtcrime that the U.S. Embassy implies puts him on par with a global pariah.”

The article points out that

“These are grade-school antics, not the projection of American power.

When the U.S. has issues with foreign leaders, it should deal with them through adult diplomacy. Instead, our diplomatic efforts under President Biden, a self-styled foreign-policy expert, could be summed up as ‘anyone I don’t like is Putin.’”

Hungary beefed up NATO’s eastern flank with military deployments after Russia invaded Ukraine and has absorbed masses of Ukrainian refugees this year, the author added, underlining that “instead of encouraging Hungary to continue bolstering these efforts, the Biden administration ridicules its leaders for being justifiably repulsed by the woke ideology of American universities.”



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