"I'm a good person," said migrant, who raped in open street

In France, the case of an immigrant who was sentenced to prison for rape and armed attack, but did not think he had done wrong, provoked public outcry.

WORLD MAY 2. 2023 19:03

„I’m a good person,” 35-year-old Algerian immigrant Ahmed Khalef argued in his defence in a French court before he was convicted of raping a woman two years ago. In February 2021, he assaulted a woman with a knife who was waiting for a tram in the French city of Begles.

The court report revealed that the man was not deterred from violence despite the fact that the woman deliberately moved into the field of view of surveillance cameras because she grew suspicious of him. The man pressed a knife against his victim’s back, dragged her into a nearby park, and then proceeded to rape her in cold blood.

Police later managed to capture the man. He was found to have harassed, groped and insulted in Arabic two young women shortly before the rape took place. When the police officers found the Algerian man, he resisted arrest by biting his tongue and spitting blood at them. He even hit one of the arresting officers.

Khalef told the court that he is the only son among seven sisters and that he is a „normal person” whose parents „gave him good education”. The man was shocked to hear that he will stay behind bars for 26 months and argued that he came to France to build a new future for himself.

In recent years, France has witnessed a string of cases of migrants raping women, and it is not uncommon that these brutal attacks end in death. Not only France, but the whole world was shaken by the beastly murder of a 12-year-old French girl called Lola.

A gang of Algerian migrants tortured, sexually harassed and killed the young girl. The main suspect, 24-year-old Dahbia Benkired, had a deportation order in force because his residence permit had expired, but since he had no criminal record, that is, he had committed no crime before the murder, he was free to move around the country.

In the same year, a Tunisian migrant raped an English tourist in the open street in France. In August 2022, a migrant from North Africa was arrested for raping an American tourist in a public toilet in Paris while her partner waited outside. In October 2022, a Congolese migrant tried to rape a 24-year-old French woman because he did not have enough money for a prostitute, and

he wanted „a beautiful white woman”, he told the police.

Similar incidents have taken place all across Europe. Shortly before being elected prime minister, Girogia Meloni shared a video that hit international headlines, with the footage showing a migrant as he rapes a woman in the open street in Italy. 27-year-old migrant from New Guinea committed the sexual assault in the city centre of Piacenza, Italy. The victim – a 55-year-old Ukrainian woman – was walking alone in the city centre around 6:00 am when the illegal immigrant attacked, forced her to the ground, and then raped her. A resident in the area filmed the incident from his window while calling the police. In the recording, the woman desperately cries for help in her own language. The police intervened on the spot and arrested the man. The woman was taken to the emergency room of a nearby hospital in a state of shock.