Kids tip half-naked transvestites like in strip bar – video

At a Family Pride event sponsored by the kids' channel Nickelodeon, a drag queen performing her dance was given a 'tip' by a minor – just like at a strip bar.

WORLD OCTOBER 5. 2022 13:21

A scantily clad drag queen was performing her show at a so-called Family Pride event in California, when at some point, a little girl unexpectedly went on the stage and handed the transvestite a ‘tip’. Of course, the event was recorded and the video went viral on social media.

Perhaps even more alarming is that the event was sponsored by Nickelodeon Animation Studios, the famous fairy tale factory. Other sponsors and supporters of the event include Warner Bros. Studios, which has also produced many stories and films for children.

Several well-known actors and actresses appeared at the event, such as Mayim Bialik from the Big Bang Theory sitcom series. Addressing the audience, she said, „It’s a beautiful event, no matter how you identify or if you’re an ally. I brought my kid, and we’re having a great time”.

As also reported by V4NA, children have appeared on stage alongside transvestites at several recent events. At one such event, an underdressed person with only stickers covering her nipples walked across the stage with a young child, while dollars were being stuffed in her underwear, like in a strip club. The video was accompanied by a caption that read “children belong at drag shows! Children deserve to see fun & expression of freedom.”

Recently, in the US city of Chattanooga, Tennessee, children were able to perform alongside drag queens at a „family-friendly and children’s event.” There are several videos of the organisers offering children highly sexualised programmes to watch, with one video even showing them being encouraged to stroke the private parts of a transvestite dressed as a mermaid.

Another video was posted on Twitter, showing children being encouraged to twerk on stage at a gay rights event in Canada. The video, shot on a bright and sunny street in downtown Ottawa, shows four people on stage, two adults and two children, taking turns twerking while a drag queen encourages them and the crowd cheers. The older of the two children appears to be a girl of around twelve, while the other child is at most seven or eight years old.



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