Paedophiles in European politics

In recent years, a series of scandals have erupted across Europe, which revealed that leading bodies have in their ranks a surprisingly high number of people who engage in abusing children.

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Poland’s liberal politics puts great emphasis on children – with a twist

The case of Krzysztof F. has recently come to light. The polish politician of the leftist-liberal Civil Platform (PO) was convicted of paedophilia, persuading children to consume drugs and possessing significant amounts of narcotic substances. He abused a thirteen-year-old boy and a sixteen-year-old girl – the children of a Polish parliamentarian.

339 grams of marijuana were found in the paedophile’s apartment. The police determined that the man administered illegal substances to a 16-year-old girl. He is also accused of trying to give them to the boy, but there is no evidence that the thirteen-year-old had used them.

The court imposed a total sentence of 4 years and 10 months in prison to Donald Tusk’s former erstwhile party member.

Liberal politician Krzysztof F. dealt with the prevention of addiction in children and adults for years. In the past, he supported Rafał Trzaskowski’s election campaign and was among his trustees during the elections.

K. F. is a committed LGBT activist, and he runs a restaurant in Szczecin with his partner. He is a co-founder of the Equality on the Wave Association, which campaigns against homophobia in Poland.

However, it’s not just Donald Tusk’s former party members who have been involved in paedophile scandals, as many left-wing and liberal politicians were also busted recently.

‘Candyman’ strikes in Sweden

Swedish politician Leif Svensson, a member of the Medborgerlig Samling (Citizen’s Coalition) party described himself in the election campaign as a man who is passionately interested in education. There is, however, one aspect to his interest in schoolchildren that he somehow forgot to mention in his introduction.

Mr Leif called himself „Candyman” on social media, and targeted young girls, whom he wanted to exploit sexually. The paedophile politician, now in his 70s, was busted by Dumpen, an organisation specialising in exposing paedophiles.

Mr Leif’s downfall came when he had a conversation with the organisation’s embedded agent posing as a little girl. He asked the agent questions such as whether she already had pubic hair and what kind of sexual activities she liked the most. He also shared pictures of his genitals. The politician’s profile on the KIK application also revealed that he had been actively interested in children for almost eight years. After the revelation spread in the media, Mr Leif announced his resignation from all political positions.

City councillor shows his true nature

An openly gay representative was also exposed as a paedophile in Ireland. The first openly LGBT city councillor in Galway, Ireland resigned amidst allegations that he groomed and sexually abused a teenage boy online. Hanley was first elected to the city council in 2019, and made history not only as the „first openly LGBT+ councillor” to be elected, but also the youngest.

On 1 January, a young man shared two videos on Twitter, accusing Galway city councilor Owen Hanley of grooming and abusing him starting when he was just 16 years old.

„I am a victim of sexual abuse, catfishing, and underage grooming. Owen Hanley did this to me. Mr. Hanley operated a fake Twitter account under the name Irish Jock. … He posed as a teenager and reached out to me on Twitter, knowing who I was from previous engagements in the Social Democrats,” said Jaimie Mac Giolla Bhain, an activist of the Social Democratic party.

Bhain went on to describe being coaxed into sending explicit images of himself over “a long period.”

The young man says that after he discovered Hanley was behind the Twitter account, he confronted the city councillor and presented him with the evidence. Hanley denied the allegations but immediately afterwards, all traces of the accounts Bhain says were operated by the LGBT activist were erased from Twitter, and his profile pictures were removed.

The videos received a large amount of attention in Ireland and as a result, on 4 January, Hanley announced his resignation from his position representing Galway City East for the Irish Social Democrats.

Hanley often lobbied for LGBTQ people. Shortly after he was elected, he stepped up to defend doctors attempting to perform sex changes on children by attacking an Irish whistleblower who was attempting to warn Ireland’s health authorities about the dangers of setting up a gender reassignment clinic.

The Left also „loves” children in Denmark

As V4NA previously wrote, Denmark had a paedophile association that stayed active for 19 years, from 1985 to 2004, but its website is still up and running today, with many active members. On 23 June 1996, the paedophile organisation had a registered membership numbering eighty, and even held an international conference in Denmark. The group also had ties with the International Pedophile and Child Emancipation (IPCE) organisation.

In 2000, a Danish TV documentary team went undercover to investigate the workings of the group. Members revealed how they exchange child pornography in secret online chat rooms and give each other advice on how to contact children.

The organisation was eventually disbanded in 2004, after the Danish daily Dagbladet published a proclamation calling for its dissolution.

French minister using the term „boy” loosely

In 2009, a French Socialist politician appealed to the president to dismiss Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand. It emerged that the minister admitted in his book published in 2005 that he had paid boys for sexual favours in Thailand.


In his book published in 2005 and called La mauvaise vie (The Bad Life), Mitterrand describes his painful childhood and touches on the subject of homosecuality, making a casual mention of the fact that he had a bas habit of paying for boys in Thailand.

In the controversial sections of the book, Mitterand describes his visits to brothels in Thailand and Indonesia. He writes about the feverish excitement and guilt he felt when he gave money in return for sexual acts to boys whose ages he did not disclose in the book. As he wrote,

“All the rituals of this market of youths, this slave market, excite me enormously. The profusion of attractive and immediately available boys puts me into a state of desire that I no longer need to hide or check. Money and sex, I am at the heart of the system.”

It took four years after the publication of Mitterand’s book before the minister had to publically face the accusations of paedophilia, forcing him to start explaining himself on television. In a programme on France3, he denied allegations of paedophilia, arguing in his own defence that he was using the term “boy” loosely.

Later, several government members also defended the politician. At the time, French Justice Minister Michele Alliot-Marie praised her colleague saying he made a ‘fine minister.’

The case of Daniel Cohn-Bendit, who was accused of paedophilia some years ago, is also well known on the political scene. In a book published in 1975, the Green Party politician detailed how he had children unzip his trousers and stroke him. Later, in a French programme, he described an unbelievably exciting erotic game he would play with a five-year-old girl.

Eventually, Daniel Cohn-Bendit only escaped a formal indictment and the investigation by denying his earlier statements, saying he had penned the disturbing passages only for provocative effect.

Then, something even more outrageous happened in France. A convicted paedophile was elected mayor in Le Gosier, Guadeloupe in the local elections held in the summer of 2020. Cedric Cornet, aged 36, won the election with almost 50 per cent of the vote.

The new mayor has had his share of run-ins with the law. In 2019, he was convicted for sexually abusing a minor, aged under 15. He received a suspended prison sentence of two years, along with a fine of 16 thousand euros. He was also added to the database of sex offenders.

Child pornographic content bought online, in Germany

In Germany, Sebastian Edathy, a member of the ruling Social Democrats leadership, was found to have bought videos of naked children from a Canadian dealer from 2005 onwards.

The former Bundestag member stored pornographic content of children and teens on his laptop, but he claimed he had done nothing illegal. Nevertheless, for his own security, he moved to North Africa.

Apparently, the paedophile lawmaker had some accomplices within the party, who warned him of the secret investigation, enabling him to cover up his tracks. Thus the Bunderstag’s investigative committee also examined how many officials had known about the politician’s dealings.

Despite the disappearance of key evidence, the SPD politician had to stand criminal trial in the Verden district court. In court, Edathy did not deny that he had bought pictures of naked boys, but justified it by saying that “there is a long tradition of male nudes, including children and youths, in art history”.

The pictures bought from Canada were not presented as evidence in that trial, but the Hannover prosecutor’s office charged Edathy with obtaining child pornography content through Bundestag computers and with transferring these images to his business laptop, later.

An investigation by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung found that the videos had titles such as “Julian6yo” and “Victor6yo”, suggesting the children appearing in the videos were six years old. In addition, a video was found in Edathy’s apartment which the prosecution clearly classified as child pornography.

However, the main evidence in the case, an office laptop belonging to the Bundestag, had disappeared. Edathy reported its disappearance on 12 February 2014. He claimed that it was stolen while he went out for a smoke during a train ride. It s important to note that the SPD politician was already aware of the charges brought against him by then, as his home had been searched two days earlier.

The case was eventually dropped, and

the politician remained a member of the party,

even though his membership was suspended.




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