Trans women can be moms too, according to liberals

Trans activists were not idle on the second Sunday of May when America observes Mother's Day, with several of them claiming that trans women can also be mothers, and consequently, Parents' Day should be celebrated in the spirit of inclusion.

WORLD MAY 15. 2023 17:05

Liberals have launched an attack on mothers on yet another front in a bid to abolish the institution of motherhood. In one video shared by Libs of TikTok, a man who identifies as a woman said America should have a ‘Parents’ Day’ instead of Mother’s Day to become more inclusive.

„There’s two different days of the year that I question. There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. As a trans person, as a trans woman, which one do I celebrate? I don’t feel like a father. Mother’s Day is tomorrow, I feel like a mom, but who celebrates me?” he asked rhetorically.

„I just genuinely want to know is there other people out there that you don’t know which one you fall under. Are you a mom or are you a dad? Where’s Parents’ Day? Why can’t we just have a Parents Day? Like you’re a parent that’s worth celebrating. Why does it have to be one or the other?” the trans woman complained.

Another video featured a man who identifies as a woman talking with his daughter about him being her mom.

Mother’s Day has increasingly become a target of far-left activists in recent years. As Breitbart News reported last year, Calvin Klein went as far as to feature a pregnant transgender man as part of its Mother’s Day campaign.

The fashion brand said it wanted to spotlight the realities of new families in honour of Mother’s Day. The campaign included shirtless photos of Roberto Bete, a female-to-male transgender reality TV star from Brazil who was pregnant at the time of the shoot. The photos showed Bete posing with exposed stomach and top-surgery scars alongside spouse Erika Fernandes, a tattoo artist.


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Initiatives to ditch the words ‘mother’ and ‘father’ are not unprecedented. As also reported by V4NA, Jean-Marc Bonnaffous, deputy mayor of Marseille, announced that the city would update civil status forms, such as administrative documents and marriage certificates, in a bid to make them more inclusive, in compliance with the laws.

Besides changing the terms on the official documents, some 300 civil registrars have been sent to participate in various LGBTQ-related sensitisation training programmes.

As early as 2019, the French parliament voted in favour of removing ‘mother’ and ‘father’ from school forms and replacing the words in question with ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’.

The situation is not any better in the United States, with government agencies making efforts at erasing the word ‘mother’. Earlier, a budget proposal was designed earmarking 200 million US dollars to reduce maternal mortality rate, with the draft referring to mothers as „birthing people”. The term came into use in a bid to make room for non-binary individuals who do not identify as women but may give birth or wish to give birth.




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