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Activist hangs LGBT flag on Jesus statue

An LGBT activist has draped a rainbow flag over a Jesus statue out of sheer provocation, describing her act as a "social experiment." She said she was curious whether Christians would incorporate her deed into a mass and was visibly resentful about not being arrested.

As an act of provocation outside the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, a female activist has draped an LGBTQ flag over the Christ Bearing His Cross statue, which was quickly removed by police.

Activist Magdalena Pecul-Kudelska, a member of the Citizens of the Republic of Poland movement, has taken time to promote her action on Facebook. Although she said her goal was to express her solidarity with those persecuted, she did not seem to care about hurting many other people's feelings.

In her post the woman explained that she wanted to conduct a social experiment, to witness and examine the reaction of Christians and police. She looked visibly resentful when the arriving officers decided to simply card her and made no effort to arrest her for what she described as deliberate provocatiion.

She added that the provocation was aimed not only at police but also at Christians and politicians. "We'll see if there will be a mass, where Cardinal Nycz will talk about the Catholic worshippers' pain, and Morawiecki will rush to light a candle," the activist said in a sarcastic remark.

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