After causing his party's failure, leftist politician on course towards his own fall

The Hungarian left-wing party Jobbik is prepared for its ex-president Peter Jakab's departure, a statement by the party's deputy chair reveals. It is two hundred per cent certain that Mr Jakab will launch a new political party, Anita Potocskane Korosi said, adding that Mr Jakab has the right, as set in the party's constitution, to quit Jobbik.

POLITICS JULY 22. 2022 16:52

„Peter Jakab has the right to leave Jobbik as set out in the party’s constitution,” Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet quoted Anita Potocskane Korosi, vice-president of the Hungarian left-wing Jobbik party, as saying when she described the party’s current situation to another paper. The politician also confirmed the news that has been circulating for weeks that Jakab, the failed party president and parliamentary group leader, was planning to launch a new political party. It is almost 200 per cent certain that Peter Jakab will found a political party, she said. This means that Jobbik has practically let go of Jakab’s hand and the decision the party’s parliamentary group brought a few days ago further widened the gap between the party and MP Jakab, Magyar Nemzet points out.

The newspaper recalls that the parliamentary group made the decision that the members of the group can now „only work with materials featuring the party’s brand elements, including the logo.” The decision was clearly a response to Mr Jakab’s move of consistently disassociating his social media account from Jobbik ever since he was forced to resign as president. He no longer displays the party’s name and logo in his posts or indicates that he is Jobbik’s MP, ie he has distanced himself from the party, which, in his view, stabbed him in the back.

Instead, Mr Jakab, ill-famed for using cheap sausage and potato stew in his references to ordinary people, now uses the slogan „On the side of the people”.

Moreover, he used the Facebook account called Green Response (Zold Valasz), an account linked to Jobbik, and reactivated under the name „On the side of the people”. The Green Response Association is currently represented by Tibor Nunkovics, Jobbik’s party director. Eniko Molnar, Mr Jakab’s confidante, was also a member of the organisation earlier. Presumably, Ms Molnar gave a hand in creating a new image for the social media account.

The new decision by Jobbik’s parliamentary group was probably response to these moves, but Mr Jakab appears to care little about the rule that was set by his fellow party members. The statement that Mr Jakab has the right to quit Jobbik must have been intended as a message by Anita Potocskane Korosi, who played a key role in bringing him down when she, alongside others in the board, defied Peter Jakab and Eniko Molnar.

There is growing evidence that efforts on part of Anita Potocskane Korosi led to Marton Gonygyosi’s election as party president and to Peter Jakab’s fall. It’s worthy of note that Marton Gyongyosi is Jobbik’s MEP.

Citing sources close to Jobbik, Magyar Hirlap earlier described „Marton Gyongyosi as a Machiavellian personality who is now promoting peace under the olive trees while he was most likely the one to conceive the coup against Pater Jakab. Those in Jobbik who advise Peter Jakab are aware of this and consequently, they are at least as negative and distrustful towards Mr Gyongyosi as the current president is towards them.” In this context, many have prefigured that Mr Jakab will leave the parliamentary group and launch a new party, Magyar Nemzet recalls, adding that a recent letter, presumably written by Eniko Molnar, revealed that on 26 May Anita Potocskane Korosi and Mr Gyongyosi met in a cafe to agree whose mandate she wanted to take over in order to be able to return to the Hungarian Parliament.

The above implies that Anita Potocskane Korosi brokered a deal with Marton Gyongyosi before the party elected him as the new president, Magyar Nemzet writes in conclusion of the article.




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