Dollar Left: the internet won't forget!

There is yet another twist in the story of the Hungarian left raising funds in the US.

POLITICS NOVEMBER 29. 2022 10:07

Daniel Deak, a political scientist at Megafon, did some research regarding the website mentioned by the head of the US organisation, which provided billions for the Hungarian left.

In an interview, David Koranyi disclosed that, alongside the website of Action for Democracy (AfD), the organisation he heads, another site named [Hungarian spring -ed.] also collected donations in the US for the Hungarian left wing during Hungary’s general election campaign in 2022.

As reported by V4NA, a video published on Sunday revealed that only 11 people had offered donations through AfD’s website, contrary to claims by Peter Marki-Zay, the left’s former prime ministerial candidate, who previously stated that tens of thousands of supporters had made donations totaling more than 3 billion Hungarian forints (about 7.5 million euros).

AfD chief David Koranyi responded by saying that many had signed up and sent donations through, for instance, the Hungarian website, which targeted the Western European diaspora.

Having investigated this claim, analyst Daniel Deak confirmed – through a video he posted as evidence – that the website was indeed deleted. However, the internet archive backup saves reveal that

there was no option to donate anywhere on the website.

„They deleted the site so they could lie about it afterwards,” Mr Deak concluded.

Megafon’s analyst has also examined Mr Koranyi’s claim that Action for Democracy had „reached out directly to supporters via email and social media.” In reality, on the organisation’s Facebook page, you can see that only seven posts have been made since their launch, and none of them are of a fundraising nature.

„Three billion Hungarian forints’ worth of dollars for the Leftists’ campaign, from eleven people. Nice story,”

Daniel Deak says, ending his video post.



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