Even leftists think both US and Russia profit from Ukraine war

The majority of Hungarians believe that both Russia and the United States are benefiting from the war in Ukraine, a poll by the Nezopont Institute reveals.

WORLD NOVEMBER 12. 2022 12:15

As Europe teeters on the brink of economic recession due to the protracted Russia-Ukraine war, the question arises as to who the beneficiaries of the sanctions policy are and whether Russia, which started the war, and the United States, Ukraine’s biggest military backer, are gaining from the armed conflict. The Nezopont Institute examined what Hungarians think about the extent to which the two biggest opposing countries are winning in the war.

Sixty per cent of Hungarians think that Russia is profiting from the war, but even more, 75 per cent of those polled, think that the United States is benefiting from it.

In contrast, 29 per cent think that Russia and 15 per cent that the US are not reaping benefits from the war.

It is surprising that, regardless of party affiliation, Hungarians are united in their opinion on the war profiting Russia and the US.

Sixty-three per cent of pro-government voters think Russia is gaining on the war, while a similar proportion, 57 per cent of voters critical of the government think the same. 83 per cent of pro-government voters and six in ten anti-government voters (61 per cent) say that the US is profiting from the war. So, regardless of political affiliation, Hungarians believe that the two great powers are clearly benefiting from the war.



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