Overwhelming majority of population rejects leftist PM candidate's arms shipment proposal

Nine out of 10 people in the country reject any weapons shipment to Ukraine. Nevertheless, the left-wing prime ministerial candidate has repeatedly argued in favour of the move.

POLITICS MARCH 8. 2022 15:24

A recent telephone survey gauged Hungarians’ opinion on the left-wing prime ministerial candidate’s idea that Hungary should send troops and weapons to war-torn Ukraine. More than 90 per cent of those asked are opposed to PM hopeful Peter Marki-Zay’s proposal, the Hungarian news portal Origo reported.

The portal recalled that since the outbreak of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Mr Marki-Zay had repeatedly called on the Hungarian government to come to Ukraine’s aid with troops and weapons. He first voiced his demands on the left-wing activist Marton Gulyas’s YouTube channel Partizan, but later changed his position and denied his previous claims with his characteristic vehemence, Origo writes. Speaking in a civil forum later, however, he reiterated his earlier demands for Hungary to send soldiers and arms to assist the invaded country.




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