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Poland has enough ventilators

Although the second wave of the pandemic is intensifying, Poland has enough dedicated hospital beds and ventilators to treat coronavirus patients. The voivodships are constantly expanding their capacities to avoid a shortage of supplies.

Although the second wave of the coronavirus has taken its toll on the country, Poland persists and has sufficient equipment to deal with the pandemic.

The Polish News Agency (PAP) has conducted a survey in the country's voivodships and reports that although the number of ventilators is running low, there has been no shortage of supplies anywhere. Also, there are enough beds equipped to care for coronavirus patients. The news agency also confirms that whenever a voivodship faces a shortage of supplies, they are immediately replenished to ensure that all coronavirus patients receive proper care.

In Poland, the number of daily infections has exceeded ten thousand for several days in a row now. According to laboratory tests, the highest daily infection numbers to date was registered on Tuesday, with 16 thousand new patients.

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