Precondition of our cooperation is that we are not blackmailed – president urges European cooperation

Hungary's fate is interconnected with that of Europe, the country's President Katalin Novak said in the city of Szekesfehervar, on the holiday celebrating the foundation of the Hungarian state.

WORLD AUGUST 20. 2022 17:01

“I wish that God protects our country and that we not become the battleground of great powers. We will do everything to prevent bloodshed on Hungarian soil,” the president emphasized, expressing her gratitude to Hungarian soldiers for their patriotism and determination.

Hungarians must now draw strength from the faith and courage of Saint Stephen, the founder of the state, Katalin Novak said, adding:

“Our fate is intertwined with that of Europe. Following in the footsteps of Grand Prince Geza, and King Saint Stephen, we chose Christianity and the West, confirming that same commitment when we joined the European Union. King Stephen made the right decision, as did the Hungarians at the time of the change in political regime. Today, the question is not where we belong, but whether in 1,000 years, the natural home of the Hungarians — Christian Europe — will still exist,” she noted.

“We need the community of European countries, and they need us,” President Novak said. “Now, when our continent can become the battleground of great powers, we have to stand shoulder-to-shoulder and make joint decisions which serve the common good,” she said. The president also emphasized that

“we Hungarians have to recognise the values and interests which are congruent, just as others have to. At the same time there are significant differences between our countries, and we have to take this into account. The precondition for our cooperation and understanding is that we are not blackmailed, not with the money that we are entitled to nor with the ideologies that we reject.”

Today we are living in tough times, and even more sobering times lie ahead, President Novak said. “To restore and preserve order in the world, including in Europe, we now need courageous, decisive and wise leaders capable of upholding law and justice, who do not shy away from the task at hand, who are patient and remain level-headed,” she said, adding that today Hungary is being tested.

In order for Hungary to emerge strong from this test, we do not simply need good leaders but understanding, and wise people as well. Hungarians are crisis-resilient and have the capacity to stick together, even if it is often not visible, Hungary’s head of state said. This is where our reserves of strength lie: here in Szekesfehervar, in Budapest, in all corners of the country, as well as beyond our borders where Hungarians live,

Katalin Novak stated, adding that the family is the catalyst of the nation, which will continue to get stronger as long as there are Hungarians who have children.

“The founding of a state is similar to the founding of a family. It requires courage, faith, determination and hope for the future. Without the courageous decision of Saint Stephen, there would be no independent and strong Hungary today. Just as we would not be here today without the courageous decisions of our great-grandparents, grandparents and parents. We needed them to dare to say yes: yes to life and yes to us. It is from these yeses that our community was built,” President Novak said.

the president said concluding her speech by saying:

“Our grandparents knew that bread is more than merely leavening and flour, but a spiritual quality, It is life, as it is called in some places. I wish that families always have bread and that there are always people sitting at the table with whom to share it.”



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