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Rapper says BLM movement is product of Soros and "his boys" - video

The rapper Lord Jamar did not at all shroud his views in an interview, when he said that it had been Soros and "his boys" orchestrating the BLM movement, they had given it into the hands of the people. The rapper also believes that the BLM leaders are all lesbian women, who are just trying to incorporate the LGBTQ ideology into the organisation.

A video featuring rapper Lord Jamar went instantly viral on the internet, who shared his harsh opinion about the Black Lives Matter movement in an outspoken fashion.

The topic came up during an interview with SCUM, and the black rapper made it clear from the start that he himself was not a BLM supporter, since he believed it was not their movement, but something they had received ready from George Soros and his "f***ing boys."

According to Lord Jamar, this is how Soros's guys can influence how things go, since they are also the ones who appoint the people to lead the movement. The rapper also had an opinion about the leaders, who, in his opinion, are all lesbian women. Lord Jamar says these women also aim to incorporate LGBTQ ideology into the BLM and make it a black issue.

The rapper had previously spoken out against the BLM demonstrations, which he said were staged by paid instigators. He is also certain that a race war is on the rise in America, while people are encouraged to behave as violently as possible.

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