Ridiculous: Ukraine terrified of a 14-year-old girl for two years

An ultranationalist Ukrainian group put a young Russian girl from Luhansk on its list of Ukraine's enemies two years ago, when she was twelve years old.

WORLD MAY 12. 2022 16:33

For eight years now, personal data and photographs of certain foreign nationals and Ukrainian citizens – including those of a 14-year-old girl – who are seen as enemies of Ukraine have been published with impunity by a Ukrainian ultranationalist media site called Myrotvorets.

The (Russian) girl from Luhansk, accused of anti-Ukraine propaganda, was added to the the group’s death list two years ago, at the age of twelve. This happened after the young girl, Faina Savenkova, spoke out in a video message to the UN Security Council and to French President Emmanuel Macron in a plea to protect the lives of children in Donbass, karpat.in.ua wrote. The group’s report accuses the now 14-year-old girl of writing anti-Ukrainian propaganda in her works of prose, plays and essays, of spreading fake news about the Ukrainian army and of participating in all kinds of writing competitions in Russia as a member of the Writers’ Union of the breakaway republics.

The Myrotvorets site is publishing the data of other minors, as well, violating their rights and putting their lives at risk, according to the ombudsman reports.



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