Uber-woke girl no longer identifies as human

Prompted by the denial of traditional genders, some progressive TikTokers have come to question not only their identity, but also whether they are members of the human race.

English NAGYVILÁG 2021. AUGUSZTUS 19. 15:43

The recent video posted by the TikToker starts with a short, nearly commonplace declaration of her preferred pronouns. The individual who biologically resembles a girl but does not identify as such says she is fine with any and all pronouns others use with her, but prefers to be referred to by the endearment term „prince”.

The TikToker then goes on to tell the public that she was asked about her preferred pronouns for the first time about two years ago. At the time, she replied by default that she liked female pronouns, but later came to realise that she finds gender neutral language to be the most fitting and acceptable.

She then proceeds to explain her shift in attitude, attributing the first phase to presenting and being perceived as a woman all her life, but eventually realising that gender was not a significant part of her identity. She finally concludes that that was because

she does not identify as a human being.

The video was received with mixed, but primarily negative comments, most describing the girl as frivolous and ridiculous.

One commenter wrote, “ So… correct me, if I’m wrong, but if she does not identify as human, then human rights do not apply to her, right? Interesting…”

Others commented on the end of Western society and civilization after watching the video.





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