Capital's property scandal: MP files for charge of influence peddling

New details keep emerging in the scandal. Now an audio recording has surfaced indicating that rights to a property managed by the capital may have been transferred unlawfully to a private business.

POLITIKA English 2021. NOVEMBER 11. 14:48

While Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony is awaiting an explanation from Balazs J. Barts, CEO of the capital’s asset management firm, Gyula Budai, governing party MP, is wasting no time waiting, but is instead filing a complaint with the National Office of Investigations over trading in influence regarding the sale of the 7400 square-metre property on Nagytetenyi Road in Budapest.

He recalled on his social media page that an audio recording surfaced this week, which clearly proves that the property under the management of Budapest Fovaros Vagyonkezelo Kozpont Zrt (the asset management company of the Hungarian capital) was illegally transferred to a company of the large-scale entrepreneur heard on the recording in exchange for a facilitation payment of two million forints (5,470 euros) paid as “advance payment”.

“Instead of [waiting for] answers, let’s leave the investigation of the case to the police!” the Fidesz MP wrote.